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Public engagement activities are increasingly seen as critical in building trust in public institutions, developing social capital and social cohesion in local communities, and lending support to government decision-making processes. Citizens of a community are “engaged” when they play an effective role in decision-making. This implies they are actively involved in defining the issues, identifying solutions, and developing priorities for action and resources.

Aligned with the vision and mission of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we at IIT Delhi are conducting an action research as a collaborative process with the goal of delivering a model that enables a better informed and engaged public on health and development related issues. The endeavor is to contribute to this discipline and strengthen the well-being of the community in terms of health care. Our focus is on those regions in India that are facing challenges specially in women health and child care.

IIT Delhi is engaged in intervention through research and teaching in cutting edge development areas. We are a multi-disciplinary ecosystem and are inclined to generate multi-dimensional public opinion for awareness and engagement. This will add to our critical capacities and nation building.Through a well evaluated and strategically executed research, we aspire to achieve our objectives.


Through the project “Public engagement on health and development in India” We aspire to bring a evaluative perspective in the research community that aims at bringing change in the lives of the people through communication driven interventions. In this direction, our goals are meant to design and validate assessment tools for interventions that empower individuals so that they:

  • Understand their health condition and its effect on their body.

  • Feel able to participate in decision-making with their care givers

  • Feel able to make informed choices

  • Understand the need to make necessary changes to their lifestyle for managing condition

  • Are able to challenge and ask questions to care givers

  • Take responsibility for their health and actively seeks care only when necessary

  • Actively seek out, evaluate and make use of information

  • Involve in planning dissemination of health services or even policy planning




In order to achieve a better informed and engaged public on health & development related issues the project framework is presented below:


The project involves multiple studies to meet the broad objectives. Each of these studies has been designed through a rigorous research process and encompasses involvement of selection of the appropriate research methods to evaluate the study. To know more about the studies, please refer to the LATEST STUDIES.

Our Team

IIT Delhi Team

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Dr. Mahim Sagar
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Dr. Amit Mehndiratta
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Dr. Amlendu Dubey
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Dr. Smita Kashiramka
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Dr. Varsha Singh

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