Apart from being an academician, I also handle multiple administrative responsibilities. There are as part of institution development and excellence and have been listed below:  

Current responsibilities



o    Coordinator NQCC, IIT Delhi

o     Coordinator Continuing Education Program (CEP) , Processing and Coordination of M.Tech and Ph.D. selection through QIP and Faculty Training , IIT Delhi

o   Coordinator TEQIP II, Coordination of MHRD initiative of Faculty Development , IIT Delhi

o    Coordinator, Telecom Policy Group, Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi

o    Member, IRD Board-2014-2016, IIT Delhi

o     Member, Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi

o     Chairman, MDP committee, IIT Delhi






o   Chairman Office Administration & DMS Infrastructure, IIT Delhi

o   Chairman Budget, Stores & Purchases, DMS , IIT Delhi

o   Member, Faculty Affair Committee (DMS Representative), IIT Delhi

o   Member, TEQIP-IITD KIT Implementation Committee, IIT Delhi

o   Ph.D. Programme Coordinator, IIT Delhi

o   Special Invitee Member, Senate IIT Delhi

o   Member, Vision Document Preparing Committee, contributed in the development of Vision Document of IIT Delhi

o   Secretary, MBA Admission Review Committee, IIT Delhi

o   Secretary Faculty Search Committee: Providing support for Faculty Recruitment and related activities, IIT Delhi