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I am Professor at IIT Delhi in the area of Marketing. We are working in the area of Consumer Based & Community drive Marketing/Branding of Public & Private goods/ service.While developing these research agendas, we have focused on mult- iple streams like Marketing /Branding of Public goods /service  and the challenges encountered in Marketing Public Policy, Ethi- cal Branding, Not for Profit Marketing, Social Marketing, and Pro- duct Management & Business Models.

These researches are done in varied domains like IT, Telecom, Health, FMCG & Public Policy by using inductive and deductive protocols


Current Openings

I am looking for Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates & Research Assistants who have inclination to research in the area of Marketing especially Not-for-Profit Marketing.To Get in Touch with me , please visit the Contact page in the website.

Upcoming Events

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Date: 7th, 8th, 9th December 2019

Certificate Program on Marketing of Goals, Initiatives & Causes(MAGIC)

(A Program on Marketing Not for Profit, Social Marketing & Marketing Public policies & Causes)

MAGIC is a new concept in marketing. It takes inspiration from both macro marketing and micro-marketing and makes a perfect blend to create a win-win situation for marketers, consumers, and stakeholders. The purpose of MAGIC is to conceptualize Ideas/Initiatives and communicate them to the public for a larger societal good. The product of MAGIC is profile centric marketing communication and the output is behavioral change. MAGIC has multiple varieties such as social marketing, cause marketing, public policies marketing, political marketing and marketing not-for-profit.